The Researcher Handbook serves as a roadmap for researchers as they navigate the complex research environment at the University of Iowa. This guide provides instructions for getting started, applying for the appropriate approvals, and conducting research that is compliant with relevant government laws and regulations and UI policies and procedures.

1.  What should I do before I start?

          a.  Getting started with the Research Navigation Tool
          b.  Identifying research space
          c.  Obtaining regulatory approvals and requirements
          d.  Transferring animals
          e.  Transferring funding
          f.   Identifying contacts
          g.  Core facilities and resources
          h.  Obtaining licenses for controlled substances
          i.  Transferring human subjects research data or specimens

2.  Regulatory Requirements

         a.  Disclosing financial interests related to research
         b.  Working with animals
         c.  Working with human subjects in research
         d.  Complying with research and export control regulations
         e.  Working with biological materials / organisms
         f.  Working with chemicals
         g. Working with radioactive materials / radiation producing machines
         h. Disposing of chemical, radioactive & biohazardous waste
         i.  Serving on committees
         j.  Working with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) materials

3.  Applying for Grants and Contracts

         a.  Finding and asking for funds
         b.  Staff resources for grant development support
         c.  Proposal preparation and routing
         d.  Budget considerations
         e.  Working with industry

4.  Managing Awards

         a.  Fiscal responsibility
         b.  Spending / Apply costs
         c.  Outgoing Subawards
         d.  Equipment and other capital assets
         e.  Reporting
         f.  Changes to the project
         g.  Public access
         h.  Close-out

5.  Conducting Research Responsibly

         a.  Training in the responsible conduct of research
         b.  Research misconduct
         c.  Authorship and publication
         d.  Shared credit
         e.  Whistleblower Protection (41 U.S.C. §4712) 
Confidentiality and privacy 
         g. Intellectual property
         h. Data management: research records

6.  Staff Hiring and Supervision

         a.  Getting started
         b.  Orienting you and your staff
         c.  Performance management
         d.  Professional growth and career development

7.  Leaving or Transferring Funds / Specimens out of the UI

         a.  Closing the laboratory space
         b.  Closing animal research studies
         c.  Closing human research studies
         d.  Transfer of grants to another institution 
         e.  Transfer of biological specimens and protocols to another institution
         f.  Data ownership and transfer


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