What types of confidential information will I see as a researcher?

As a researcher, you may be asked to review grant proposals, scientific manuscripts, academic reviews of your colleagues. You may also see confidential records of your staff, collect human subjects data, or view proprietary information from sponsors of your research.

All of these activities require that you protect names, unpublished data, concepts, private and personal information that may affect publication, intellectual property rights, reputation and privacy. 

HIPAA at The University of Iowa

Privacy Rules and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIPAA issues in Human Subjects Research at Iowa

Human Subjects Office
HIPAA FAQs by researchers (HHS.gov)

Staff Records

Guidelines for personnel files

Confidential Disclosure Agreements

Sometimes one or both of the parties contemplating a research agreement will elect to execute a Confidential Disclosure Agreement, safeguarding the release or exchange of confidential information. Learn more on the Division of Sponsored Programs website.