1. Who can help?

The Research Development Office (RDO) offers one-stop “concierge” services to connect researchers and scholars with resources to help them with proposal development, grant writing and editing, team building, and more to help minimize the administrative burden of research on faculty and staff.

Staff in the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) will meet with faculty one-on-one to help plan individual schedules for submitting grants. They are also available to give presentations on grant development and grant writing to groups of faculty and classes of students at all levels.

Many colleges and departments also have dedicated research administrators or other staff available to assist researchers with grant development, budget preparation, routing, etc.  Check with your department administrator to identify staff resources available for your unit.

2. How can I learn more about grant-related training opportunities?

Watch for training opportunities in the monthly newsletter from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

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See Section 3c: Preparing, Routing, and Submitting a Proposal to learn more about the resources available.