4b. Resources for Grant Development

Is there someone available to help me with grant preparation?

Many units have dedicated research administrators or other staff available to assist researchers with grant development, budget preparation, routing, etc.  Check with your department administrator to identify staff resources available for your unit.

The Grant Development Network (GDN) is an internal network of approximately twenty grant development professionals from across campus. These individuals can provide guidance and assistance with proposal development and application procedures. If you do not see a grant professional listed for your college or discipline, please contact leslie-weatherhead@uiowa.edu.

How can I learn more about grant-related training opportunities?

The Office of the Vice President for Research maintains a list of upcoming campus training opportunities on their website.  Training opportunities are also announced in the UI Grant Bulletin in the Announcements section.

See Section 4c: Preparing, Routing, and Submitting a Proposal to learn more about the resources available.